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Who We Are

quoteBegin Since 1960, ARC ABRASIVES INC has defined commitment as the process of understanding customers’ needs. Unlike our competitors, we go beyond selling products – we evaluate applications to provide individual metalworking solutions.

Through countless hours of training and hands-on experience, we offer an innovative sales force, highly skilled in abrasive metalworking applications. Our goal is to create cost savings and process improvements for you.

It is our understanding that successful product development depends on the ability to work in the field to determine the needs of our customers’. We are committed to developing innovative products that are unique and proprietary.

We have made a deep commitment to understanding everything about abrasives in the metalworking industry. This mind set has taught us to separate our products and services based on the three actions: Weld Removal; Deburring and Flash Removal; Metallic Surface Finishing.  This segmentation is an everyday guide to make sure we give you the very best abrasive product for your application. Our segmentation is the key to providing the correct abrasives to the metalworking industry. Understanding how our products perform within Weld Removal, Deburring and Flash Removal, and Metallic Surface Finishing applications are critical.

Before we test products on your shop floor, our products are tested against the competition in our on-site lab to ensure we offer the best solutions for your application needs. Once an on-site assessment is complete, we can provide an alternative abrasive product to improve your abrasive needs.

Our website contains the most comprehensive abrasives application information available in our industry. More than 40 applications are described in detail allowing you the opportunity to learn how to select the best abrasive products for your application. quoteEnd

Best regards,
Anthony H. Stayman, CEO



To be a recognized leader in producing metalworking solutions due to efforts of an energized and dedicated workforce backed by a strong focused leadership team passionately implementing innovative marketing, sales, and extraordinary service strategies.



We are focused on building our team by bringing the right people together in a fun, safe and secure environment that will foster growth through education and training.  We are dedicated to the communities in which we live and are committed to family friendly values.  We deliver value to our customers through consistent responsive and informative service solutions.  Through mutual respect and common values, we expect our suppliers to be long term partners delivering quality, reliable products at reasonable costs.  Our future success relies on our ability to grow profitability through focused efforts with our customers, suppliers, employees, and the business community we serve.


Core Values

Humility   The strength to be teachable and to value the contribution to others over self recognition.
Integrity   We value honesty and respect for the dignity and rights of each person in the organization.
Loyalty   A commitment of devotion to yourself and an allegiance to others.
Fun   We value laughter and humor to get us through the day.
Commitment   As the process of understanding the customers' needs.
Drive   Driven to succeed; never complacent.



ARC History

In 1960, Zerla and Si Stayman’s dream came true in the town of Troy, Ohio. ARC ABRASIVES INC began by using a Mixmaster™ to mix the adhesive for the Adhesive Research Company’s first product – the PSA Disc.

Shortly after the first PSA Disc, Ms. Stayman’s company grew to a workforce of five people working out of a rented garage. As the PSA Discs grew in popularity, more products were introduced such as Cartridge Rolls and other specialties. As the product lines expanded, so did the facility. The Staymans moved ARC ABRASIVES INC to its current location in the mid-1980’s. After the relocation ARC ABRASIVES INC started producing Belts, followed by a Quick-Lok line in 1992, and a Flap Disc line in 1998. After much product success, ARC ABRASIVES INC introduced the 24-hour-delivery guarantee. This promise revolutionized the abrasives industry and generated appreciation from customers all over the United States. Today ARC ABRASIVES INC is one of the nation’s largest abrasives converters and has over 100 employees working out of two facilities.

Providing over 100 years of management experience in the abrasives market, ARC ABRASIVES INC is poised to innovate and implement new products and techniques to create process improvements for our distributors and end users.

2009 American Eagle Award

ARC ABRASIVES INC of Troy, Ohio, received the 2009 American Eagle Value-Added Manufacturer Award. Its award-winning entry highlighted the company's comprehensive, five-step approach to evaluate and execute abrasive cost savings and process improvements for end-user customers. The process includes an in-depth onsite abrasive cost savings study; extensive lab testing to develop a cost-effective process for that particular application; reporting results to the customer; documenting all test results for each operator; comparing pricing and testing results to document product and process cost savings.


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