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Our 5-Step Approach

At ARC ABRASIVES INC, we choose to be more than just a supplier of abrasive products. It is our goal to supply all end users with the perfect process. Not only can we supply quality, affordable products, but also process improvements that could result in cost savings.

For this purpose, we have developed a 5-step approach to evaluate and execute abrasive cost savings and process improvements.

STEP 1 Determine Process
Perform an in depth abrasive cost savings study on-site. The purpose of this is to completely understand the following:

     a. Metals being worked on

     b. Fabrication processes in the shop

     c. Current abrasive applications

     d. Current competitive abrasive products used

     e. Objective of customer

STEP 2 Recreate Conditions
Duplicate the end users conditions in our lab, eliminating testing in your facility, to develop a cost effective abrasive process for that particular abrasive application.
STEP 3 Demonstrate Modifications
Return to the end user with our lab results to perform focused end user testing.
STEP 4 Document Feedback
Document all test results with each operator in writing.
STEP 5 Provide Cost Savings and Process Improvements
Compare pricing and testing results to document any cost savings found through product, as well as process savings.



When trying to reach the end result of all applications, we take a step back and look at the big picture. Great results aren't always dependent on great products, but are largely a result of proper processes. Our philosophy is to look at the overall process before adding, removing or swapping products.

This is why we consider every application to consist of 80% Process and only 20% Product.


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