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Kevin Goodwin, Floater/Machine Operator
Meet Kevin Goodwin. Almost completing 3 years at ARC, Kevin utilizes various skills in the Quick-Lok department. He is responsible for assisting the team in production performing tasks such as buttoning, tumbling, and operating the Quick-Lok machines.
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Flap Discs: ARC Arrive Spotlight

Flap discs are a 3D product that consists of abrasive flaps glued radially to a backing plate. While the product wears down, new abrasive is exposed. Zirconia is the most common grain for these discs due to the cool-cutting action and competitive price. Continue reading “Flap Discs: Product Spotlight”

ARC ARRIVE™ Set to Launch

ARC Arrive is a program designed in conjunction with industrial distributors specifically for the metal working industry. You shared your biggest pain points with ARC, and we built a program around taking those pressures away.

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Case Study: PREDATOR belts and Forged Steel Hand Tools

ARC Abrasives teamed up with a forged steel manufacturer to test the performance of PREDATOR™ belts to their current ceramic and zirconia alumina belts. All products were tested by sanding and finishing forged steel hammer heads. For a more in-depth analysis, download the white paper to read about how ARC helped increase production and efficiency to further impact their bottom line.
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Z-WEB Quick-Lok Discs: ARC Arrive Spotlight

Surface Conditioning Quick-Lok Discs are designed with an extremely fast abrasive action and long life in blending, light deburring, and light stock removal applications. Our Surface Conditioning Quick-Lok discs material is from our Z-WEB® brand. Z-WEB quick-lok discs are made in the USA and feature a non-woven, three-dimensional design for high performance applications on steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and exotic alloys.

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