Cutting, Stock Removal & Deburring

ARC offers a wide range of products for weld blending, removal of material, grinding and deburring applications on various metal substrates. Thin cutting discs perform fast and accurate cuts on steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous materials

PREDATOR delivers premium performance with top-tier gram removal in grinding and deburring applications. PREDATOR is ARC’s premier abrasive line, delivering the highest performance to cost ratio of any abrasive in the market.


ARC’s expertise and vast experience in product development led to the creation of a wide range of abrasives for finishing, cleaning, polishing and masking on all metal substrates.

Z-WEB represents ARC’s family of top performance, three dimensional, non-woven products offering speed and precision for worry-free applications on Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Non-Ferrous materials, Titanium and Exotic Alloys.

 Z-WEB products allow strict control of dimensional tolerances and prevent overheating and discoloration. Special formulations prevent the risk of smearing, leaving surfaces clean and ready for further plating, painting or final presentation.