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Abrasive Solutions: Weld Removal on Mild Steel

Fabricators and manufacturers in this space regularly work with cold rolled steel where appearance is crucial to the final product. Businesses that make lawn tractors, mowing equipment, and sporting vehicles will also work with a substantial amount of sheet metal. On average, abrasives are consumed quickly in these spaces for weld removal. View our case study to learn more about this process.

Finished goods and their appearance are a significant factor. Visible welds contribute a great deal to the overall aesthetics of the product. To provide a seamless appearance, all welds are removed to a minimum of a 150-grit finish before moving onto the painting booth.

Pending the application; flap discs, resin fiber discs, PSAs, quick-loks, belts, and even surface conditioning material may be suitable for use.

Cold rolled steel base material rarely needs to be treated for rust or imperfections. However, in many instances, powder coated paint adheres better to a 150-grit base material. Due to this factor, some manufacturers will time-save all flat product prior to fabrication.

predator ap flap discs for weld removal

Most weld removal applications will call for resin fiber or flap discs. Each has specific uses and instances where they outperform the other. Many fabricators will use 24 and 36 grit resin fiber discs or 40 grit and above flap discs.

Resin fiber discs will have a much higher cut rate, working faster on contoured metal. Flap discs have a lower cut rate, while providing a more attractive finish and extended cut life. Typically, flap discs are used on smaller, visible welds where an enhanced finished is a concern.

PREDATOR Hard Edge Flap Discs provide a substantial increase in cut rate over that of many competitors in the field. Even against industry leading brands, PREDATOR cuts neck and neck with them, lasting just as long, at a cost-effective price point that adds to your bottom-line.

The proprietary blend of PREDATOR material gives way to excellent per gram removal properties on mild steel. Best results can be realized by using 40 and 50 grit for fast weld removal and extended life. The bump to 60 grit adds the dynamic of a more robust finish and longer life, with a slightly slower cut rate.  In conclusion, most any mild steel fabricator can benefit from using PREDATOR flap discs.

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