Abrasives in Key Markets

ARC Abrasives delivers with our proprietary lines of non-woven and coated abrasives for all key manufacturing and repair applications found in many industries. We continuously strive to provide innovative solutions like PREDATOR, and Z-WEB Surface Conditioning.

Being vigilant is in our pursuit of quality, as well as being market-focused for all of your needs. The following shows an overview of some key markets that are in high demand for abrasive applications.

aerospace - abrasives market


Aircraft manufacturers machine and fabricate a variety of titanium, stainless, and aluminum parts. Given the complexity of aircraft, several levels of fabrication and assembly are required, although engine and landing gear assemblies may be outsourced.

Repair and routine maintenance of aircraft parts, such as non-engine or wing components will usually involve some form of finishing, after the critical work has been completed.

Common Applications

automotive - abrasives market


The automotive industry involves companies and organizations committed to the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles. The sub-section of the industry involves the maintenance of vehicles and delivery to the end-user, examples being repair shops.

The automotive industry requires an abundance of abrasives in the various stages of the production process.

Common Applications

Bio & Pharma

Pharmaceutical equipment fabrication is extremely specialized. Intense finishing requirements mandated by the FDA command a specific catalog of abrasive applications. Packaging machinery is similar to pharmaceutical equipment, due to the similarities in material used.

Industrial valves or fluid transfer valves also require FDA mandates, in which the internal tubing must meet a required finish to pass inspection

Common Applications

food and bev - abrasives market

Food & Bev

Food & beverage equipment fabrication is extremely specialized. Intense finishing requirements mandated by the FDA command a specific catalog of abrasive applications. Packaging machinery is similar to food and beverage equipment, due to similarities in materials used.

Stainless steel fabrication offers corrosion resistance and an ability to be sterilized, making it suitable for commercial kitchens and food processing plants.

Common Applications

heavy equipment - abrasives market

Heavy Equipment

During any production of heavy equipment (tractors, scrapers, earth moving equipment, fork lifts, cranes, etc.), an abundance of abrasives are used. In this industry, very heavy coatings are applied to endure working conditions, and sufficient surface etching is required.

Heavy foundry parts are to be sanded, and once complete – abrasives are used for the repair jobs on said equipment.

Common Applications

medical - abrasives market


The medical industry includes medical equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, pharmaceutical business, and prosthetic limbs. It is crucial to get the correct finish that revolutionizes the process of orthopedic implants and surgical instrument manufacturing.

The main challenges for the abrasive process are performance, current materials, surface quality finish, and increasing requirements that respect dimensional and geometrical tolerances.

Common Applications

metal fab - abrasives market

Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is the process of building machinery and structures from raw metal materials. The process includes cutting, burning, machining, forming, and assembly to create the final product.

Metal fabrication requires an attention to detail and technical knowledge to get the job done. Tasks can go from small scale fabrication, to industrial maintenance and repair operations.

Common Applications

oil and gas - abrasives market

Oil & Gas

The scope of work in the oil and gas industry is incredibly essential, whether the operation is on-shore or off-shore. Large metal formations in oil and gas need to have the right anchor contour for the proper coating to adhere, and pipelines need blasted and the jarring environment asks for proper maintenance on a daily basis.

In every stage, abrasives are used and are considered critical in the gas industry.

Common Applications

ship building - abrasives market

Ship Building

The ship building industry requires abrasives for removing mill marks from steel plates, beams, pipes, and to steel etching before coating. When a ship needs to be serviced, abrasives are used to remove old coating and rust for maintenance purposes.

Manufacturers of OEM components have to constantly fulfill high expectations. With many changes in technology, manufacturers need to keep up with the ever-changing requirements for materials used in the building of ships, boats, and yachts.

Common Applications

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