PREDATOR™ Performance Coated Quick-Loks were recently involved in a case study to help resolve an issue for a leading aerostructure manufacturer. For a more in-depth analysis, download the white paper and read about how ARC helped improve safety, increase efficiency, and further impact their bottom line.

predator quick-loks


The primary focus was to compare the performance of PREDATOR™ Quick-Loks to their current quick change discs. All products were tested on a titanium Bulkhead AP Engine Mount.


Operators were able to use a 100 grit PREDATOR™ Quick-Lok to achieve the same desired finish from the use of the competitor’s 60 grit disc and medium surface conditioning disc. This resulted in less product used and an expedited process.










Product Overview

PREDATOR™ Quick-Loks outlast the competition by adding additional self-sharpening grains to the top layer of the disc. The addition of Performance Coating reduces the loading and heat generation of aluminum and other soft metals and increases performance average 3 to 1 over uncoated material.

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