Elevate Your Business with APEX Flap Discs

ARC ABRASIVES is changing the game by adding the latest in ceramic grain technology to their abrasive line. ARCĀ® APEX Premium Ceramic Flap Discs attack the metal working industry with enhanced cut ratios, longer life, and cooler operation. For more information on our flap discs and what we offer, take a look at our promotional flyer and give us a call.

apex ceramic flap discs
ARCĀ® APEX Premium Ceramic flap discs enable top-tier grinding and blending on material such as stainless steel, titanium, and exotic alloys. The discs are manufactured from strengthened fibers to ensure a high-quality and uniform finish. Our flap discs provide the added benefit of longevity and durability over zirconia, and use aggressive cutting action on harder metals while leaving an aesthetic finish.

The advantages of ceramic abrasives

Ceramics are known to be very tough, sharp and long-lasting. APEX Premium Ceramic grains combine the latest in grain technology with proven results when used on stainless steel or exotic alloy applications. The Nano-Fracture Technology allows for small pieces to break away during the process of grinding. The sequential phased breakdown of the ceramic grain provides unique advantages, including:

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