ARC ARRIVE™ Set to Launch

ARC Arrive is a program designed in conjunction with industrial distributors specifically for the metal working industry. You shared your biggest pain points with ARC, and we built a program around taking those pressures away.



arc arrive advantage arc arrive advantage
Focused program to provide the highest performing,
fastest moving, in-demand ARC products
Shelf stock on the top 500 ARC SKUs with
guaranteed 48 hour shipping
arc arrive advantage arc arrive advantage
Simplified, easy to understand pricing,
that is published and at your finger tips
New value stream structure to add more margin
and profitability to the distributor’s bottom line



ARC Arrive provides the metal working industry a wide-range of our most popular and in-demand
products with reliable shipping times, coupled with performance that exceeds market expectations.

ARC Arrive is launching on August 1st, 2019!


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