What does the ARC National Sales Meeting Mean to You?

ARC is setting up a strong year ahead for our customers. This month had a great start with the annual ARC National Sales Meeting. This involved our 23 salesmen and various distributors to talk about industry trends, opportunities for improvement, and performance strategies that empower customer growth.

In the 2 days spent, we had everyone involved with hands-on product and application analysis training with our Product Management and Engineering team. It is crucial for our field agents and distributors to experience any new products and current product changes to help with all-around success.

Aligning ARC around the customers

The primary goal for 2019 is becoming the first choice for distributors, end users, and suppliers. The abrasives market is seeing a high demand from the metal fabrication industry, as well as a growth in the automotive and aerospace industries. ARC is improving all around to better work alongside customers to streamline processes, enhance profitability, and impacting their bottom line.

performance coated quick-lok discs that work for our customers
It is our belief that successful product development depends on the ability to determine customers’ needs. While discussing our products and enhancements, there was one that stood out this year. Feedback has shown that our Performance Coating yielded a 4-to-1 output ratio over non-performance material. This product enhancement meets the needs of all Soft Metal Fabricators, and is exclusive to ARC Abrasives. Performance coated products have increased grain retention and reduced loading as compared to conventional, untreated abrasives.

Be sure to check out the photos from the meeting below, and remember to check out our social media pages on Linkedin and Facebook to keep up with our weekly updates!

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