ARC Starts 2nd Abrasives Bootcamp

From our last bootcamp, we asked the attendees on what topics they were interested in. Many want to know what abrasive products should they focus on selling, and where they fit in key industries. Even more wanted to know how ARC makes a difference in the metalworking industry. We have the answers for the next webinar.

abrasives bootcamp
The great thing on attending our bootcamp is that we can reach out to to many who are otherwise geographically dispersed, and in different time zones. Through our organization and online training, we can bring everyone together on one consistent platform to engage and discuss the topics at hand. Each session will provide a deep education on many topics including: abrasive products and where they fit, how ARC attaches the metalworking industry, and ARC success stories!

Since many are using this time to prepare and increase skill-sets, we’re offering this monthly educational program on how to tackle the abrasives world and making positive connections that can impact your bottom line. Want to attend? The first session of the Abrasives Bootcamp is set to start on:

May 14, 2020, 11:00AM EST [BOOKED!]
May 14, 2020, 2:00PM EST

If you are interested, please register below in order to be updated and connected!

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