ASK ARC Coming Soon

Can’t see customers face to face? Do you miss going on the shop floor to provide your expertise? Do you want to be more efficient, and reduce travel and entertainment costs? ARC has created a process where our application specialists and sales-force are available to assist you remotely.

We invite you to get connected with ASK ARC. This new process helps provide the expertise and Abrasives Sales Knowledge you need to move forward.

The great thing about ASK ARC is that we can use our abrasives sales knowledge and know-how to help you with:

ASK ARC will soon be available through the Microsoft 365 Bookings App, which will allow you to book a time with one of our application engineers or a member of our sales team. Details coming soon.

If you are interested, please be sure to check out our social media pages on Linkedin and Facebook to keep up with our weekly updates!