Belts and Progressive Die Stamping

Belts are used in multiple applications from fine finishing of stainless steel coil to heavy stock and weld removal. In general heavy weight Y-weight are used for stock removal whilst flexible J-weight is used for fine finishing and contour work.

aluminum oxide compact grain belts work well against titanium
Compact grain belts offer the best grinding ratios for harder titanium and nickel alloys. This product is beneficial for the metal forming process known as progressive die stamping. Learn more about this featured case study by reading our white paper.

Evaluation and Opportunity
This customer had very specific finishing needs that required two applications for each part – deburring after stamping and finishing.

The process consisted of using several grits and types of grains. With many different products used on each machine, down time was significantly increased. Product dressing time was used to wear down a new belt to match the required finish. To avoid wasting machine down time or dressing belts to a certain grit, a compact grain product could last 15 to 20 times longer without any dressing required.

After much internal lab work each finishing requirement was matched with the appropriate compact grain size and confirmed by several surface measurements. Existing belt usage was cut by nearly 50% with a lower product cost.

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