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Flap Disc Tests on Stainless Steel

For stainless steel, PREDATOR™ Flap Discs provide extremely fast weld removal combined with superior life compared to all other Flap Discs in the market. PREDATOR™ is well suited for all mild steel, high alloy, nickel alloy and stainless steel. In regards to Zirconia and Aluminum Oxide, The structure is meta-stable and under heat and/or pressure the structure fractures producing new cutting edges. This gives the grain a longer cutting life and is especially suited to coarser stock removal applications typically 24 to 80 grit. It is a more expensive grain but the improved performance usually outweighs the cost. We go more in depth on the dynamics of our PREDATOR™ and Zirconia test results, which can be read through this case study.

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Happy Independence Day from ARC Abrasives!

Independence Day is only a day away! Everyone at ARC Abrasives wishes everyone a happy patriotic holiday, celebrating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. In observance of Independence Day, our office will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th. To ensure that we continue providing quality service, let us know if these dates conflict with any business needs and we will be happy to accommodate you.

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Weld Removal on Mild Steel

Fabricators and manufacturers in this space regularly work with cold rolled steel where appearance is crucial to the final product. Businesses that make lawn tractors, mowing equipment, and sporting vehicles will also work with a substantial amount of sheet metal. On average, abrasives are consumed quickly in these spaces for weld removal. View our case study to learn more about this process.

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Aerospace Manufacturing and ARC Abrasives

The aerospace industry is on the cutting edge of technology. The combination of exotic alloys and softer metals like aluminum create many unique challenges for abrasive operators. Technicians in the space are tasked with increasing efficiencies and maximizing cost savings. ARC has a solution for that.

You don’t have to fight those battles alone.

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Performance Coating offers exceptional cut and an ability to reduce loading, while also controlling heat during grinding. The integrated material enhancement realizes the full potential of the grain structure, allowing resin fiber discs to perform as they would on hardened steel. The topic today will be based on test results proving the resilience of performance coating.


TEST RESULTS: 120 and 417
Performance Coating RFDs on Aluminum & PREDATOR™ Flap Discs on Stainless Steel

Today’s lab results will focus on two specific abrasive applications that involve performance coating:

  1. Comparing the benefits of Performance Coated zirconia alumina resin fiber discs to untreated abrasives on aluminum applications.
  2. Three-way evaluation of PREDATOR™, zirconia, and aluminum oxide flap discs on stainless steel.

See the impressive grind laboratory testing results here