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ARC Abrasives Exploring New Grain Technologies

Our abrasives engineers have been working closely with an expeditionary unit exploring ancient mines and artifacts originating near the top of an undisclosed mountain range. While the project is being held close to the vest, sources within the team suggest that ARC is developing abrasives in a new grain.

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Belts and Application: Abrasive Product Spotlight

Belts are used in multiple applications from fine finishing of stainless steel coil to heavy stock and weld removal. In general heavy weight Y-weight are used for stock removal whilst flexible J-weight is used for fine finishing and contour work. In fact J-weight materials are not available in coarse grits coarser than 60.

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Resin Fiber Discs on Mild and Stainless Steel

Resin Fiber Discs are a flat disc used for heavy grinding and weld removal. They are used for similar applications as Flap Discs. Resin Fiber Discs consist of a stiff fiberboard backing coated with a single layer of resin and abrasive. ARC’s Resin Fiber Discs have grinding aids in both the AO and ZA products. This grinding aid helps performance and keeps the disc cooler during grinding. The discs have an arbor hole to allow them to be attached to a back-up pad which they are always used with. We recently created a case study of our discs on mild steel and stainless steel against top competitors that give very powerful insight with the performances.

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Flap Wheels: Abrasive Product Spotlight

Flap Wheels are available as mounted or un-mounted products. Mounted flap wheel are generally 3” or less in diameter and are used on portable tools. Unmounted flap wheels are 4” and larger in diameter and the larger wheels are used on stationary tools.

Flap Wheels are designed for light finishing, deburring and flash removal. The flap design allows the wheel to contour around the work piece and smooth the surface. As the flap wears away new abrasive grain is exposed and the wheel continues to cut.

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Surface Conditioning Quick-Lok Discs: Product Spotlight

Surface Conditioning Quick-Lok Discs are designed with an extremely fast abrasive action and long life in blending, light deburring, and light stock removal applications. Our Surface Conditioning Quick-Lok discs material is from our Z-WEB® brand. Z-WEB® products are made in the USA and feature a non-woven, three-dimensional design for high performance applications on steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and exotic alloys.

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