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Mild Steel Rust Removal and Product Choice

While steel is the most common and heavily manufactured material in the world, there is always the major flaw of rust. Any material with iron that gets exposed to oxygen and water will cause the form of corrosion. Mild steel, also known as carbon steel, will rust unless treated with a protective coating – and that only slows the process. If you are faced with this issue and need assistance with aggressive rust removal, ARC Abrasives has the products that can help.
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How Premium Ceramic Grains Can Elevate Business

Why would you want to choose ceramic grains over others like Zirconia Alumina, or Aluminum Oxide? While Aluminum Oxide is the most common and least expensive, it doesn’t provide the longest life and it dulls during use. This causes excessive product change for machine usage and tools, and it may not do the best under high pressure. Zirconia Alumina works a lot better under high pressure and works well on stainless steel, but it tends to struggle to effectively grind for long periods of time. Ceramic grains are a powerhouse abrasive that is known to be very tough, sharp and long-lasting, but what makes Premium Ceramic different over other ceramic grains?

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Introducing Premium Ceramic

The wait is finally over. ARC Abrasives, Inc. is proud to introduce our ARC Premium Ceramic, our new product line. By adding the latest grain technology, we’re ready to bring the best to the metalworking industry with the ARC Premium Experience.

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Weld & Corner Removal on Stainless Steel

This application process is in regards to any outside corner and open weld that is 3/8″ or larger, and referencing MIG welding. For few that are new to that process, MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding is a process where a continuous solid wire is fed through a welding gun into the weld pool, and joins the two base materials. The advantages in using this method create a faster and higher quality product that is ready for shaping and stock removal.

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Ceramic Material Unveiled at ARC

Earlier in the month, we broke the news about our findings on a new grain that our team of engineers have been researching and analyzing in hopes of developing a new abrasive material. Among the discovery was mentions of various artifacts, such as an old clay pot with mysterious red triangles that form some sort of a peak, a resemblance to mountain tops. A very tattered scroll was wedged inside and upon unraveling, the word “κεραμικός” is etched in red. Upon further research, we learned the meaning of the term being “ceramic”, or “made of clay”.

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