Case Study: Boat Engines and resin fiber discs

APEX Ceramic resin fiber discs were recently involved in a case study to help resolve an issue for a leading manufacturer. For a more in-depth analysis, download the white paper and read about how ARC helped remove steps in the process to improve performance and further impact their bottom line.

apex resin fiber discs were used in a case study regarding boat engines


This company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of engines and outboard motors for high-speed boats. The primary focus is the rapid removal of studs from cylinder wall castings.


The job in question is driven on a 50 engine per hour quota. The operators are utilized through piecework, making time management more crucial. Although the competitor product currently used was getting the job done, questions were raised in the possibility of a more efficient product that could increase production and performance.


Operators were able to use a 24 grit disc for more agile cuts, while the competitor disc only offered 36 grit. This expedited process was able to produce 58 engines per hour, resulting in a 14% production increase.

Outcome & Impact

Operators were able to reduce changeover by 12.5% from switching to the APEX disc. Performance overall was 2-to-1 in life and a faster cut over the contested disc.

Based on performance results and operator feedback, we can estimate the following:

Production Increase: 14% | Labor Hours Saved: 2,352 | Annual Savings: $55,000
Performance Increase: 2 to 1 | Product Reduction: 2,400 | Product Savings: $5,952

Product Overview

APEX Resin Fiber Discs deliver exceptional performance with a 30% cut-rate improvement. The dual grinding aid helps provide a long lasting, aggressive cut for the life of the disc. Significant performance advantages include a higher metal removal rate at faster cutting speeds with a lower grinding temperature and less friction. If you want to learn more about APEX and its offerings, head over to the brand page or fill out the form below to receive an APEX sample kit to try out yourself.

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