Brand Highlight: PREDATORâ„¢ Ceramic Hybrid

Successful product development depends on the ability to work alongside you in the field to determine the needs of your clients. PREDATOR is a direct result of years of field research and laboratory development. PREDATOR Ceramic Hybrid is a premium blend of proprietary ceramic abrasives, resulting in additional margin and added value through productivity enhancement and product life.

predator ceramic hybrid family


PREDATOR is a proprietary ceramic hybrid grain that provides cost savings by providing and unmatched price-performance ratio to American manufacturing. ARC started with an idea to develop a range of products that would prove to be of value to customers by adding margin to their bottom line.

This basis has served us well for the past decade. However, like our logo, PREDATOR has morphed into an innovative, cutting edge technology. This thinking has been proven in products like the Quick-Loks System and Performance Coating. These products and enhancements will continue to define the market so that NO METAL STANDS A CHANCE.

Metals Good Better Best
Mild Steel     predator ceramic hybrid icon
Stainless Steel   predator ceramic hybrid icon  
Titanium/Aluminum predator ceramic hybrid icon    

Quick-Change Discs
PREDATOR quick-change discs outlast the competition by adding additional self-sharpening grains to the top layer of the disc. The dual grinding aid layers increase life by providing a cooler working surface.



Flap Discs
Flap discs combine the benefits of finer finishing and aggressive grinding. PREDATOR Ceramic Hybrid flap discs deliver fast material removal while remaining flexible for cleanup and finishing.

PREDATOR belts have a heavy Y-weight backing and a hybrid grain formula that ensures quality performance. These are suitable for flat finishing of aluminum and mild steel.

Resin Fiber Discs
PREDATOR resin fiber discs achieve top-tier stock removal ratios for mild steel applications. An integrated grinding aid provides a long lasting, aggressive cut for the life of the disc.

PSA Discs
PREDATOR PSA discs deliver a fast cut with minimal loading by combining both size and top size grinding aids. The product offers an exceptional 3-to-1 performance increase over Zirconia Alumina and Aluminum Oxide discs.


Grinding Wheels
Depressed center wheels are engineered for grinding and metal shaping. PREDATOR offers exceptional performance on harder metals and nickel alloys.

Cut Off Wheels
Type 1 cut off wheels are designed for fast, accurate cutting and trimming. The tight tolerances prevent excessive removal while providing intricate cuts.


Surface Conditioning Discs
These non-woven discs are infused with Z-WEBâ„¢ technology to give an aggressive prep and finish, while providing fast disc changeover. These can be used for touch deburring and weld cleanup applications.

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