Case Study: PREDATOR belts and Forged Steel Tools

ARC Abrasives teamed up with a forged steel manufacturer to test the performance of PREDATOR™ belts to their current ceramic and zirconia alumina belts. All products were tested by sanding and finishing forged steel hammer heads. For a more in-depth analysis, download the white paper to read about how ARC helped increase production and efficiency to further impact their bottom line.

predator belts


The primary focus was to compare the performance of the PREDATOR belts to the current ceramic and zirconia alumina belts. The challenges that the manufacturer faced involved:


Operators used 2″ x 72″ 36 grit PREDATOR belts to sand and finish more forged steel hammer heads efficiently than the current zirconia alumina and ceramic belts. The PREDATOR belt also completed each hammer head in a much faster speed.

Performance Test

performance on predator belts


conclusion on predator belts


results on the predator belts

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