Case Study: Z-WEB Discs and Aerospace Fabrication

ARC Abrasives teamed up with an aerospace fabrication company to test the effectiveness of Z-WEB Quick-Loks to their current surface conditioning quick-change discs. For a more in-depth analysis, download the white paper to read about how ARC helped increase production and efficiency to further impact their bottom line.

z-web quick-lok medium grade


The primary focus was to compare the performance of the Z-WEB Quick-Loks to the current surface conditioning quick-change discs. The challenges that the company faced involved:


Operators used 3″ MED Z-WEB Quick-Loks finish small aluminum aerospace components more efficiently than the current surface conditioning discs. The Z-WEB disc also completed each component in a much faster speed and lasted longer, leading to more completed sides and less time spent on disc changeover.

Performance Test

performance on z-web discs


conclusion on z-web discs


results on the z-web discs

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