Employee Spotlight: ERIC ATKINS & SARAH CLUNE

Eric Atkins, Belt Slitter
Meet Eric Atkins. In the 13 years Eric has been with ARC he has held positions in various departments. First he spent 11 years in Shipping handling picks, transfers, and tracking shipments. Afterward he transitioned into SCM for about 6 months then into Belts where he currently operates the slitter machine.

Eric’s favorite part about working for ARC is the family oriented environment. He enjoys it so much that he’s brought some of his own personal family members onto the ARC team. Please stop by the Belt department and say hi to Eric and thank him for his years of support to ARC Abrasives!

Sarah Clune, Cartridge Roller
Meet Sarah Clune. Sarah began working for ARC 2 years ago in the Cartridge Roll department. Coordinating with her team, she reviews tickets to determine what material and size is needed to be cut and run through the roller machine. She also ensures correct mandrels and buttons are used on the machine to achieve a straight or tapered roll.

Sarah’s favorite part about working for ARC is her coworkers. She enjoys that her team gets along great and work very well together. Please stop by the Cartridge Roll department and say hi to Sarah and thank her for her years of support to ARC Abrasives!

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