Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. Communicating the things that impact your business continue to be a top priority for us at ARC. This page will serve as a depot for any updates regarding ARC Abrasives product availability.

Global Supply Chain Constraints

Not unlike most manufacturers in the world, ARC is facing some production delays due to raw material shortages. We anticipate these delays to be temporary, but are committed to providing you real time information. Please also note that we are prioritizing orders based on date of receipt, and ask that you call your rep to discuss the anticipated shipping date before submitting your order. Below is our general lead time by product category. For more specific estimates, please call your rep or our Customer Service team at 800.888.4885.

Acknowledgements now reflect the real lead time and will reflect real lead times moving forward.

NOTE: Please make sure you get your order in before 1:00PM EST for same-day shipping!
Product Category UPDATED: Current Lead Times
Belts Wides: 7 Business Days
Non-Woven: 10 Business Days
Narrows: 8 Business Days
Flap Discs 7 Business Days
Quick-Loks 7 Business Days
PSA Discs 7 Business Days
Sheets 7 Business Days
Rolls 7 Business Days
Unitized 5 Business Days
Specialties Cartridge Rolls: 25 Business Days
Pads: 40 Business Days
* For Wax items, add an additional 2 days
* Please note that we are not currently able to guarantee terms of the ARC Arrive program.

We anticipate these production times and raw material delays to be temporary, and are doing everything we can to course correct these unforeseen delays to our customers. For questions or concerns, please contact your rep or our Customer Service team at 800.888.4885.

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