ARC Abrasives Exploring New Grain Technologies

Our abrasives engineers have been working closely with an expeditionary unit exploring ancient mines and artifacts originating near the top of an undisclosed mountain range. While the project is being held close to the vest, sources within the team suggest that ARC is developing abrasives in a new grain.

Historical review of these mountains suggest that there is a rich story to tell. Legend has it that the mines date back thousands of years. It is said that they produce a unique material that was used by the ancient civilization to defeat a mysterious three-headed beast that sat high atop the mountain. Locals also speak of the abrasives mineral being ground into a mixture that was tossed into the mouth of a blazing volcano, deep beneath the mountain, to keep it from erupting. Only time will tell the truth of what hidden laying atop the mountain and within the mines. Who knows how the mineral might be used today…

Leaked information regarding the expedition reveals the discovery with the word “κεραμικός” scribed onto them. Linguists have been contacted to help with the translation of what appears to be some type of recipe or formula. To learn more about the discovery, watch a short video here.

Our abrasives engineers coming across grains such as this can be unique, change the way we see development, or add to our growing technologies. If the findings are true, what makes the grain different from any tried and tested abrasive technology? What impact could this have on the industry? We are still uncovering what’s inside for a thorough analysis. While never without risk, industry breakthroughs such as this can provide solutions while providing a glimpse of innovation to improve grains and create a new abrasive technology.

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arc abrasives exploring new grain technologies