The Potential of Automated Warehousing

A Tokyo-based startup recently unveiled a prototype that showcased a robotic arm that helps unload shipping containers. While it still needs perfected, this is one of the first steps into warehouse automation and the unwavering potential it brings. The introduction to automated warehousing has businesses asking important questions regarding the future and the possible challenges along the way.

robot arms used in automated warehousing

The opportunity in automated warehousing

One reason for using innovative technology over other forms of automation is the cost. When automated warehousing is properly implemented, the amount of labor is reduced by warehouse operations. These upgrades help increase productivity and helps businesses realize the potential of utilizing building space. Robotic applications provide a greater response time when integrated with the correct data and systems.

The challenge regarding automated warehousing

A potential downside with automation is the fact that robotics can be more sensitive to surroundings. Something as small as an uneven floor can cause significant error. Warehouse cargo will need to be within certain criteria to not be met with critical failure. Businesses will have to manage a process with suppliers or put in extra hours to do any work that may need fixed.

In recent events, over two dozen Amazon warehouse employees were hospitalized after a robot punctured a can of bear repellent and left the facility exposed to the fumes. This mishap shows the many hazards that can happen, and businesses would need more safety practices set once they get integrated with similar systems. Automated warehousing may not be easy to start, however the payoff and opportunity will be great.

What could this mean for warehouse employment?

A large reason behind the fear of automation comes from loss off employment. Contrary to popular opinion, the use of robotics and the idea of automated warehousing does not mean jobs are on the line. Automation runs within the system and helps improve practices. This allows employees to be more efficient and helps make the job easier. While there have been some concerns for how modern technology impacts job security, the practice of automated warehousing means remarkable things for the future of warehouse workers.

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