Product Spotlight: Cartridge Rolls

Cartridge Rolls are typically used on inside surfaces and corners where other forms of abrasive cannot reach. Due to their small diameter, they have to be used on high speed die grinders to achieve an appropriate surface grinding speed. Typical speeds are 20,000 and above, but it’s always important to remember that the cartridge roll needs to have a higher max RPM. While X-weight aluminum oxide is the most common material, J-weight can be chosen for increased flexibility and a less aggressive cut. Zirconia alumina and ceramic grains can also be used as material.

cartridge roll types
Cartridge rolls are designed to break down during use, revealing the next layer of abrasive. The primary backing cloth is cotton to help lengthen product life. ARC rolls are made up of resin bond abrasive cloth, which helps reduce loading and run cooler for a lasting application.

Various Types of Cartridge Rolls

Straight Rolls
Straight rolls are ideal for finishing operations on inside diameters, dead-end holes, and lapping operations. Their self-renewing feature of wearing through the first layer of abrasive grain to uncover another layer make them an excellent tool for blending. They are available in a wide range of sizes and grits for every kind of application.

Tapered Rolls
Tapered rolls are typically useful on jobs having channels, fillets, and irregular contours. When holding the roll at a 45 degree angle, it can reach deep into angles and corners. When the angle is reduced, greater abrasive surface is presented and results in a faster cut. Each tapered cartridge roll is tightly wound, producing a balanced tool that maintains a true center that can withstand high speeds.

Tapered Cone Points
Tapered Cone Points are used in important production and maintenance operations for blending, polishing, and deburring of all metals and composites. Their shape allows greater accessibility for very difficult-to-reach work areas.



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