Resin Fiber Discs: Product Highlight

Resin fiber discs are flat discs used for heavy grinding and weld removal. Resin fiber discs consist of a stiff fiberboard backing coated with single layers of resin and abrasive. ARC’s resin fiber discs have exceptional grinding aids for a more agile cut. This grinding aid helps performance and keeps the disc cool during grinding. The resin fiber discs have an arbor hole to allow them to be attached to a back-up pad for better usage.

how to assemble a resin fiber disc and airflow showcase

Resin Fiber Disc Performance

Uses and Advantages

Resin fiber discs are used for heavy stock removal on electric and pneumatic angle grinders. They have a limited life span due to the product being two-dimensional and having a single layer of grit. Resin fiber discs can be discarded once the grit loses its sharp edge. Unlike flap discs, no new abrasive is exposed as the surface wears down.

Heat Build Up and Prevention

Excessive heat during use causes two major problems:

Selecting the Right Disc for the Job

Correct Product Use

For more information regarding product use and safety tips, view our how-to video below.

Size and Shape

The three most common sizes for resin fiber discs are 4.5”, 5”, and 7”. Resin fiber discs are also available in other sizes if necessary. A typical arbor hole is 7/8” with the exception of 4 inch discs having arbor holes with the size of 5/8″. The discs usually have slots radiating out from the center to allow the disc to conform better to the locking assembly of the back up pad. Another common feature is a contoured profile which can help keep the disc flat during storage.

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