Quick-Change Disc: Product Highlight

Quick-Change Discs are small discs with a button on the reverse side. The button allows the disc to be changed quickly with one twist, and without the use of special tools. The two popular button styles are known as type R and type S. Reduced operator fatigue and shorter cycle times are some of the advantages the product has to offer. Quick-change discs are available in coated and non-woven abrasive backings.

PREDATORâ„¢ Quick-Change Discs

PREDATOR quick-change discs outlast the competition by adding additional self-sharpening grains to the top layer of the disc. The dual grinding aid layers increase life by providing a cooler working surface. It offers an aggressive cutting action that’s ideal for mild steel applications.


zweb quick-change discs

Z-WEBâ„¢ Quick-Change Discs

Z-WEB quick-change discs are engineered with polyurethane resin to prevent smearing and provide a smoother operation. This product is considered waterproof material that allows for both wet and dry applications.


Premium Ceramic Quick-Change Discs

Premium Ceramic quick-change discs minimize downtime and maximize productivity by combining hyper-sharpened nano-grains for a higher metal removal rate. The product offers a lower grinding temperature and less friction, making it ideal for stainless steel and exotic alloys.


Uses and Advantages
The main advantage of any quick-change disc is the mechanism providing product changeover with minimal downtime. The small diameter of the disc leaves a small grinding footprint and allows the user to grind in restricted areas that a larger tool could not accomplish. The standard ARC disc is an X or Y weight abrasive with a single layer of Maxback laminated to the reverse side of the disc.

2″ and 3″ sizes make up overall sales for the discs . ARC recommends using a 2″ disc with a 2″ holder. However, it is common practice to use an undersized holder to enable the disc to flex and contour around the work-piece. ARC typically uses an 0.8mm fiberboard as the standard Maxbak backing, but other options are available.

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