SuperAlloys in the Metalworking Industry

Superalloys are considered a very important metal, and is used in a lot of high-end metalworking for its strong properties. With so many different types of metals ranging from mild steel to aluminum, choosing the right one for an application can be confusing if you are new to the metalworking industry. What makes superalloys so important? Superalloys are not only incredibly resilient, but it’s also provides heavy corrosion resistance.

What are SuperAlloys?

Superalloys, also known as exotic alloys, are combined with at least one other metal or nonmetal element. The most common way to combine metals into an alloy is by melting and mixing, and allowing them to solidify and cool back to room temperature. The most common types are:

Titanium Hastelloy ™
Inconel A286 Steel
Monel Vanadium
Magnesium Tungsten
Nickel Platinum

turbine engines and superalloys and exotic alloys

Advantages of Superalloys

There are many advantages, so what are the main selling points to superalloys?

Excellent Mechanical Strength
The versatile nature of superalloys allow the metal to ready for welding and machined.

Corrosion & Oxidation Resistant
Corrosion occurs when most or all atoms on the metal surface are oxidized, which damages the entire surface. This environment causes the metal to deteriorate and break down. Superalloys are incredibly resistant with corrosion and oxidation, and is typically used in high-performing industries that need its reliability.

High-Temperature Resistant
For many metals, high temperatures tend to bring on corrosion and oxidation – bringing down the strength of the metal. Superalloys with high levels of chromium, iron, titanium, and cobalt offer incredible heat-resistance. In fact, superalloys are used in jet engines, where temperatures can exceed 1200℃.

Market Advantages
Superalloys are integral to many industries we rely on throughout the globe, including aerospace manufacturing. In fact – the term ‘superalloy’ was used after World War II to describe a group of alloys created to use in turbosuperchargers and aircraft turbine engines that required high performance due to the high temperatures. You can also see that superalloys are used in chemical processing, nuclear reactors, and industrial gas turbines.

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Ceramics are known to be very tough, sharp and long-lasting. Premium Ceramic grains combine the latest in grain technology with proven results when used on stainless steel or exotic alloy applications. The hyper-sharpened grains allow for small pieces to break away during the process of grinding. The sequential phased breakdown of the ceramic grain provides unique advantages, including:

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