ARC Abrasives is expanding capacity to better serve our clients and the marketplace. The ARC Premium Experience combines innovative development, and state-of-the-art products for clients and manufacturers. By integrating new machines and programs, we are increasing output and improving productivity.


Our new environmentally friendly quick-change disc machine uses no glue and triples the disc output without adding extra shifts. Combined with innovative technology and design, our new machine features:

The integrated technology uses friction-welding and perfectly centers the backing to the disc, resulting to a stronger bond and improved product quality.

ARC Arrive™

Proud to deliver one of the industry’s broadest product lines, ARC has listened to the voice of the customer and is launching a new program to meet the demands. ARC Arrive™ is an exclusive program that provides various products with a 48 hour shipping availability. Whether you’re ordering belts, discs, specialties, non-woven, or bonded, ARC can turn most orders around in 48 hours. Stay tuned for our official launch date and ARC Arrive™ catalog!

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