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Z-WEB Quick-Lok Discs: ARC Arrive Spotlight

Surface Conditioning Quick-Lok Discs are designed with an extremely fast abrasive action and long life in blending, light deburring, and light stock removal applications. Our Surface Conditioning Quick-Lok discs material is from our Z-WEB® brand. Z-WEB quick-lok discs are made in the USA and feature a non-woven, three-dimensional design for high performance applications on steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and exotic alloys.

how to change surface conditioning quick-lok discs
Our Z-Web Quick-Lok Discs are suitable for applications on mild steel, stainless steel, titanium, and alloys. The Surface Conditioning Quick-Lok Discs can also come prepared in a Performance Coating, thus increasing the cut rate and extending product life by reducing heat transfer. For more information on our different options, check out the products page.

The Open backing structure for our Surface Conditioning Quick-Lok Discs are custom designed for conversion of hook and loop discs as well. The high stock removal rate and fast cutting action is best for aggressive finishing applications. The structure is also extremely resistant to loading.

Getting the Most Out of our Product

Undersize Holder

Over 95% of Quick-Lok sales are for 2” or 3” discs. We recommend using a 2” disc with a 2” holder. However it is common practice to use an undersized holder such as a 1” or 1½” holder with a 2” disc to enable the disc to flex and contour around the workpiece for our Z-Web Quick-Lok Discs.

Hardness of Holder

Some methods to change the flexibility of the discs are slotted edges, multiple plies of backing, and variable stiffness backing where the edges are designed to be more flexible than the center. Our Surface Conditioning Quick-Lok Discs are available in coarse, medium, and very fine.

Choice of Backing

ARC typically uses 0.8mm fiberboard as the standard Maxbak backing, ARC also has a lighter, more flexible backing as a on the AO/X+ Flexible discs, and our Surface Conditioning Quick-Lok Discs provide perfect flexibility for fitting on a backing. For increased rigidity, ARC has a line of “Resin Fiber Disc” Quick-Loks available in aluminum oxide and zirconia.

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