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Brand Highlight: Z-WEBâ„¢ Surface Conditioning

Z-WEB Surface Conditioning is made in the USA and features a non-woven, three-dimensional design for high performance applications on steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and exotic alloys.

Z-Flex Technology

Z-WEB products make tasks easier by rapidly and efficiently achieving final finishing of the part to be processed without damaging, by either excessive stock removal, overheating or smearing the base material.

Metals Good Better Best
Mild Steel   predator ceramic hybrid icon  
Stainless Steel     predator ceramic hybrid icon
Titanium/Aluminum predator ceramic hybrid icon    
Z-WEB Products

Quick-Change Discs
Z-WEB quick-change discs are engineered with three different styles of locking mechanisms to provide fast disc changeover. Their ideal size and shape works well for small and restricted areas, and has a small finishing footprint.

Hook & Loop Discs
Surface conditioning discs are offered in a hook and loop system to provide a fast disc changeover, while decreasing downtime and improving productivity. The discs have a fast and cost-effective attachment to reduce set-up times. They provide good edge retention and wear resistance.

Z-WEB surface conditioning belts are suitable for various grinding and sanding operations. These operations vary from mild stock removal to fine finishing. Their flexible backing provides more conformation for a smoother operation. All belts are made with high tensile strength materials to reduce stretching.

PREDATORâ„¢ Hook & Loop Discs
This surface conditioning product is infused with PREDATOR technology to give an aggressive prep and finish, while providing a fast disc changeover. The product can utilize an arbor hole for consistent mounting and stability.

Z-WEB surface conditioning stars are ideal for inside diameter cleaning, finishing, and polishing. A variety of materials and grades are offered for several applications. They come available with a threaded eyelet for quick tool changeover.

Cleaning & Finishing Stars/Discs
Cleaning and finishing stars are perfect for a deep clean or polish for various surfaces. A variety of grades are offered for several applications. The non-loading design provides a consistent finish.

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