The Advantages of UNITIZED

z-web unitized product family

Z-WEB UNITIZED Wheels attack the metalworking industry with enhanced cut ratios, uniform finishing, and adding additional margin back into your bottom line. Target markets include aerospace, metal fabrication, food & bev, pharma & medical, tool & die, and stamping.

Z-WEB UNITIZED material produces consistent cuts to improve productivity. The uniform construction delivers results on sharp edges and irregular-shaped parts. Our product is versatile and can be used on a wide variety of applications. The structure of our wheels withstands high-end applications, leaving a polished finish without removing a lot of material from the workpiece.

Metals Good Better Best
Stainless Steel    
Mild Steel   icon  
Exotic Alloys   icon  
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Z-WEB UNITIZED Product Family

Z-WEB UNITIZED wheels have excellent durability, making it great for controlled material removal. The versatility of both sides makes it easy to use for surface preparation applications like deburring, cleaning, and finishing on a wide variety of metals and composites.

Quick-Change Discs
Z-WEB UNITIZED quick-change discs feature the ARC quick-lok system, allowing an easy changeover to reduce downtime and increase productivity. Quick-change discs are ideal to operate in narrow areas.

Type 27 Wheels
T27 wheels are made for angle grinder applications that range from deburring, surface blending, and smooth finishing. Z-WEB UNITIZED T27 wheels presents as a multi-purpose disc that can be utilized for most applications.

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Sample packs will come in 2AM and 2SF grades