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Surface Conditioning and Abrasive Manufacturing

watch our corporate video about abrasives and surface conditioning
ARC Abrasives is one of only two Surface Conditioning manufacturers in the U.S. From our own in-house material, we produce all forms of abrasive products, including belts, quick-change discs, and flap discs. We continuously strive to provide proprietary products and brands like PREDATOR Ceramic Hybrid, and Z-WEB Surface Conditioning. Our commitment to the highest ratio of performance vs. price compliments our large offering of abrasive products for the metalworking industry.

ARC Abrasives is vigilant in our pursuit of quality. It’s not just our company that stands behind our products, it’s the family name. Under the second generation of family ownership, ARC is one of the only abrasive manufacturer/converter that is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

We are, Where you Are

Since 1960, ARC Abrasives has defined commitment as the process of understanding customer needs. We go beyond selling coated and surface conditioning products by evaluating applications to provide custom metalworking solutions.

Our Direct Sales force are available throughout the United States with expanded support networks in the Southeast, Southwest, and Northwest regions of the country. This expansion complements our long-standing tradition of service to the Eastern seaboard and the Midwest. We’re bringing on more seasoned abrasives veterans each month to support your requests and be more responsive to your needs than ever before.

A leader in developing new technologies

Understanding how our products work within weld removal, deburring, flash removal, and surface finishing applications is critical. We are continually testing our products on these applications and comparing our results to commonly used products and techniques. This gives us a very clear understanding of how our products will work for you and is the staple of our continuous improvement and product development.

Matching the right abrasive grains, to the right application, at the right time of the metalworking process is critical to achieving optimal performance and an outstanding finish. It takes a deep understanding of weld removal, deburring, flash removal, and surface finishing application to translate these three factors into a competitive advantage that impacts your bottom line.

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