PSA and Hook and Loop are fastening systems to allow cloth, paper and film abrasive discs to be quickly attached and removed from a back up pad or platen. A PSA sanding disc is more common in the USA whilst Hook and Loop is popular in Europe and is becoming more popular in the USA.

Hook and loop discs are primarily used in 5” and 6” discs on orbital sanders, while PSA is used on all sizes of disc from ½” to 36”. ½” to 4½” discs are used with a shank mounted back up pads on an angle or straight line grinder. 5” and 6” discs are almost exclusively used on orbital sanders. 8” and larger are used on stationary disc machines and pedestal machines with a metal platen.

spectra psa sanding disc


Available in 5″ or 6″ roll, hook and loop, or with tab, SPECTRA™ Premium Paper Discs utilize a sturdy paper backing combined with a premium grain and treated surface. 5″ and 6″ discs may be available with a 6 or 8 vacuum holes.

SPECTRA™ products are a seamless blend of affordability and performance for general purpose applications on all metals.

predator psa sanding disc


An aggressive cloth PSA with both size and top size grinding aids, PREDATOR™ PSA discs deliver a fast cut with minimal loading. The technical grain combination of PREDATOR™ easily performs at a 3-to-1 cut rate over standard aluminum oxide and zirconia alumina discs. PREDATOR™ is available in both PSA and hook & loop backings, from 24 to 120 grit in a wide range of sizes.

compact grain discs

Compact Grain

Compact grain is a unique product that has proven value in fine finishing applications – an ideal solution for PSA discs. While utilizing its clustered construction, expect longer life and similar finish to conventional aluminum oxide products.

film psa discs


Film options are ideal for inside corner and sharp edge grinding applications, due to the minimal thickness of the backing. Although extremely thin, film is durable and will not tear like most paper discs, but perform similarly to cloth backed discs.

z-web hook and loop discs

Z-WEB Surface Conditioning Discs

Z -WEB Surface Conditioning has an pen backing structure designed for the conversion of hook and loop discs. This product is known for its high stock removal rate, and fast cutting action for aggressive finishing applications. It is extremely resistant to loading.

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