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Jordan Horner, Shipping Clerk
Meet Jordan Horner. Jordan’s almost 2 year journey at ARC has been in the Shipping department where her main duties and focus are on transfers. She also packs orders, stocks, and helps out with any additional tasks the department needs.

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Belts and Application: Abrasive Product Spotlight

Belts are used in multiple applications from fine finishing of stainless steel coil to heavy stock and weld removal. In general heavy weight Y-weight are used for stock removal whilst flexible J-weight is used for fine finishing and contour work. In fact J-weight materials are not available in coarse grits coarser than 60.

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PSA Discs: Product Spotlight

PSA and Hook and Loop are fastening systems to allow cloth, paper and film abrasive discs to be quickly attached and removed from a backup pad. PSA discs are more common in the USA whilst Hook and Loop is popular in Europe and is becoming more popular in the USA.
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Product Spotlight: Cartridge Rolls

Cartridge Rolls are typically used on inside surfaces and corners where other forms of abrasive cannot reach. Due to their small diameter, they have to be used on high speed die grinders to achieve an appropriate surface grinding speed. Typical speeds are 20,000 and above, but it’s always important to remember that the cartridge roll needs to have a higher max RPM. While X-weight aluminum oxide is the most common material, J-weight can be chosen for increased flexibility and a less aggressive cut. Zirconia alumina and ceramic grains can also be used as material.
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Employee Spotlight: ERIC ATKINS & SARAH CLUNE

Eric Atkins, Belt Slitter
Meet Eric Atkins. In the 13 years Eric has been with ARC he has held positions in various departments. First he spent 11 years in Shipping handling picks, transfers, and tracking shipments. Afterward he transitioned into SCM for about 6 months then into Belts where he currently operates the slitter machine.

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