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The scuff of the belt

This is the first in a series of articles covering the various steps of the belt manufacturing process, and the measures ARC Abrasives, Inc. has taken to improve these processes. This article covers the first and most important step of the process, the scuff.

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Engineered Solutions: Z-Web Quick-Loks Case Study

ARC Abrasives teamed up with a tire and auto shop to test the effectiveness of Z-WEB™ quick-loks to their current surface conditioning quick-change discs. Our quick-lok products were tested on rust and corrosion build-up on a customers’ brake assembly. To learn more, download the white paper to read about how ARC helped increase production and efficiency to further impact their bottom line.

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ARC Engineered Solutions: Bonded Overview

The cutting power of an abrasive grain is dependent upon shape, hardness, toughness, and orientation. All four factors control the penetration of the cut, and the life of the grain. The shape of the grain governs the cutting efficiency. Sharper grains produce a cleaner cut and tend to stay cooler during use. Blocky grains give a rougher cut, and create more friction on the workpiece. It is understood that different applications require different types of abrasive grain.
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Mig Welding & the Abrasives Industry

mig welding and spot weld removal at graveyard carz
Welding is the process of melting and fusing two distinct parts together by applying heat to form a permanent bond. This process is the most common, economical, and efficient way to join metal. Once melted, a filler material is added to form a weld puddle that becomes a strong joint once cooled down. Abrasives serve an important purpose in the metalworking industry to remove the extra material, and smoothing out any inconsistencies.
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ARC Celebrates Manufacturing Week

Manufacturing Week at ARC Abrasives
By definition, Manufacturing Week is a celebration by the U.S. Census Bureau that expands upon the traditional Manufacturing Day launched by the Manufacturing Institute in 2011 on the first Friday in October. The Census Bureau is celebrating the 10th anniversary by providing a week’s worth of rich content & statistics that inform businesses and policymakers. While the traditional way is in October, ARC decided to move it closer to Thanksgiving to show appreciation for all employees that make everything possible. All of our associates in manufacturing, shipping, and purchasing have been putting their best effort in to close out the upcoming new year.
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