ARC Engineered Solutions: Bonded Overview

The cutting power of an abrasive grain is dependent upon shape, hardness, toughness, and orientation. All four factors control the penetration of the cut, and the life of the grain. The shape of the grain governs the cutting efficiency. Sharper grains produce a cleaner cut and tend to stay cooler during use. Blocky grains give a rougher cut, and create more friction on the workpiece. It is understood that different applications require different types of abrasive grain.

The wear characteristics of bonded abrasives are different from coated and non-woven abrasives. In use, the abrasive grain within coated abrasives wears down and changes shape – resulting in different scratch patterns. In turn, non-woven abrasives are used to polish and finish the workpiece.



Bonded Abrasives

Bonded abrasives are a constructed blend of abrasive grains, fillers, and bonds. The blend goes through a molding and firing process that allows the components to be contained – creating a dense structure that’s easy to shape into discs, slabs, or wheels.

The bulky nature of bonded abrasives leads to more direct contact with the surface, producing more heat to withstand high speeds and aggressive application.

ARC’s bonded abrasives are used in an extensive range of applications that include heavy stock removal, notching, and cutting.

bonded abrasives cut off wheels
Cut Off Wheels
Our cut off wheels are designed to produce an excellent blend of cutting speed and life on tough applications. Tight tolerances prevent excessive removal while providing intricate cuts.

Available Grades:

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