predator resin fiber disc


Aggressive steel applications produce substantial heat during grinding, resulting in shortened disc life. A resin fiber disc is intended for aggressive applications, but the grain structure determines product longevity.

By reconstructing our proprietary blend of PREDATOR grains in resin fiber disc form, we have achieved top-tier gram removal ratios for both mild and stainless steel applications. PREDATOR™ resin fiber discs provide a long-lasting, aggressive cut throughout their life and reduce heat with an integrated grinding aids.

aluminum resin fiber disc

Aluminum Oxide

Due to loading from soft metals, product disposal can be frequent. Aluminum oxide is the most affordable choice for softer metals, relieving some of the cost associated with waste. Situations in which technical grains like zirconia alumina or ceramic are excessive, aluminum oxide is the optimal choice.

zirconia resin fiber disc

Zirconia Alumina

An affordable, general purpose material, zirconia alumina provides consistent removal rates, especially in finer grits. Zirconia alumina is not recommended for high production environments in which extra-long life and faster material removal are critical.

Performance Coating

Fabricators of soft metals are continuously frustrated by the inability to reduce loading during aggressive grinding applications. Due to the softer structure of aluminum, it overloads the functional surface area of abrasive grans, quickly ending productivity.

Performance Coated products offer exceptional cut and an ability to reduce loading, while also controlling heat during grinding. The integrated material enhancement realizes the full potential of the grain structure allowing resin fiber discs to perform as they would on hardened steel.

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