Lead Times

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. Communicating the things that impact your business continue to be a top priority for us at ARC.

Below is our general lead time by product category. For more specific estimates, please call your rep or our Customer Service team at 800.888.4885.

NOTE: The lead times below do not apply to ARC ACCESS items, which ship same day/next day.

You can view the ARC ACCESS catalog here.

Product CategoryCurrent Lead Time
Belts 4 Business Days
Bonded Wheels 7 Business Days
Cartridge Rolls10 Business Days
Flap Discs 7 Business Days
Pads20 Business Days
PSA Discs 7 Business Days
Quick-Loks10 Business Days
Resin Fiber Discs 5 Business Days
Rolls 7 Business Days
Sheets 7 Business Days
Unitized15 Business Days

* For Wax items, add an additional 3 days