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Manufacturing today is successfully meeting customer needs while still focusing on margin and revenue growth. In midst of a digital revolution, manufacturing businesses are being pressured into rethinking their processes and adopting technical solutions. From 3D printing, Cobots, to IoT, technology is advancing and multiple channels are inevitably making their way into the industry.
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Employee Spotlight: Randie Gray and Lona Elliott

randie gray employee spotlight
Randie Gray, Accounts Receivable
Meet Randie Gray. Randie began her career at ARC rolling cartridge rolls 28 years ago. With her many talents, she has flourished from supervisor, to shipping manager, to customer service, and now works in accounts receivable.
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Resin Fiber Discs: Abrasive Spotlight

Resin fiber discs are flat discs used for heavy grinding and weld removal. Resin fiber discs consist of a stiff fiberboard backing coated with single layers of resin and abrasive. ARC’s resin fiber discs have grinding aids in both the AO and ZA products. This grinding aid helps performance and keeps the disc cool during grinding. The resin fiber discs have an arbor hole to allow them to be attached to a back-up pad for better usage.

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The Potential of Automated Warehousing

A Tokyo-based startup recently unveiled a prototype that showcased a robotic arm that helps unload shipping containers. While it still needs perfected, this is one of the first steps into warehouse automation and the unwavering potential it brings. The introduction to automated warehousing has businesses asking important questions regarding the future and the possible challenges along the way.
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Elevating Aerospace with APEX Cartridge Rolls

ARC ABRASIVES is changing the game by adding the latest in ceramic grain technology to their abrasive line. ARCĀ® APEX Premium Ceramic Cartridge Rolls attack the metal working industry with enhanced cut ratios, longer life, and cooler operation. For more information on our ceramic belts and what we offer, take a look at our promotional flyer and give us a call.
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