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Elevate Your Business with APEX Flap Discs

ARC ABRASIVES is changing the game by adding the latest in ceramic grain technology to their abrasive line. ARCĀ® APEX Premium Ceramic Flap Discs attack the metal working industry with enhanced cut ratios, longer life, and cooler operation. For more information on our flap discs and what we offer, take a look at our promotional flyer and give us a call.
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Employee Spotlight: Susan Wheelock and Phillip Jones

Susan Wheelock in the employee spotlight
Susan Wheelock, Lead Client Service Representative
Meet Susan Wheelock. She has been a key employee with ARC Abrasives for 39 years. Susan started her career on Cartridge Rolls and transitioned into her current position of Lead Client Service Representative.

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Believe and Achieve with Performance Coating

This football season we’re going above and beyond by showcasing our all-star lineup. Only the best is good enough, and this stands true with Performance Coating. It succeeds with an increase in cut and life from the formula being baked into the product. Performance Coating delivers an all-out blitz on aluminum and soft alloys. We guarantee the finish is strong. Take a look at our promotional flyer and learn more.
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APEX Ceramic joins our Abrasive Roster

We’ve added a new line of ceramic grain technology to our abrasive roster, just in time for game day. We’re going on the offensive with enhanced cut ratios, longer life, and a cooler operation. We’re working hard and playing harder this season. Learn more about APEX Ceramic by viewing our tri-fold brochure, and take a sneak peek at one of the many promos we’re throwing out this season.

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ARC Celebrates Manufacturing Day 2018

Manufacturing Day celebrates the current and next generation of skilled workers and the endless possibilities in the modern industry. ARC Abrasives has the privilege of working with outstanding employees who get the job done day by day, and Friday was no exception. We went to the production floor and took some shots of our team working hard and making things happen.
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