5 Step Productivity Analysis

ARC takes a unique, customized approach to understanding how our products perform.  We approach every situation using our 5 Step Productivity Analysis, and provide you with the best solution for your abrasive application.

STEP 1: Determine Process 
Perform a comprehensive assessment on-site:

  1. Metals used
  2. Fabrication processes 
  3. Current abrasive applications
  4. Current products used
  5. Customer objectives

STEP 2: Recreate Conditions
Duplicate conditions in our lab, eliminating testing in your facility and disruption to your production.  Develop a cost effective process for your abrasive application.

STEP 3: Demonstrate Modifications
Return to the end user with our lab results to perform focused end user testing.

STEP 4: Document Feedback
Document all test results with each operator in writing.

STEP 5: Provide Cost Savings and Process Improvements
Compare pricing and testing results, present time and cost saving solutions.