Employee Spot Light: Mark Dudeck and Pattie Asher

mark dudeck employee spotlight
Mark Dudeck, National Accounts Manager
Meet Mark Dudeck, for 8 ½ years Mark has been supporting ARC Abrasives in the sales field. He started his career as a sales representative and worked his way to his current position of National Accounts Manager. Mark’s main area of focus for ARC is large distributors, such as Fastenal.

His love of traveling and interacting with new people is just one perk of his job. Having the opportunity to see and understand different businesses and products, while being challenged to provide solutions keeps him evolving in the ever-changing metalworking industry.

Mark loves that ARC is a family owned company and appreciates the Sales Team that supports each other to ensure successful ventures. He believes this keeps the family atmosphere alive!

How can Mark help you today? You can reach him at mdudeck@arcabrasives.com.

pattie asher employee spotlight
Pattie Asher, Shipping Department
Meet Pattie Asher, she has been a key employee with ARC Abrasives for 24 years. In 1994, she started in the belt department where ARC was first developing wide belts. For most of her career she has and still resides in the Shipping Department. Pattie considers herself a “jack of all trades” as she can help where needed and she knows she will always get the job done!

Pattie loves the family atmosphere that ARC provides and enjoys being part of a growing company. She also appreciates the support of having a Supervisor that acknowledges her hard work and dedication.

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