FAQ: Discs

What does PSA mean?

PSA means “Pressure Sensitive Adhesive”.

What are the most common sizes for PSA Discs?

The most common sizes for PSA discs are 5″ and 6″.

How do PSA discs come packaged?

PSA discs can come in rolls, individual tabs, and non-rolls.

Do abrasive discs go by other common names?

PSA discs are also referred to as da paper, sticky discs, velcro discs, palm sander discs, PSA’s, and hook & loop discs

What is the standard grit range for discs?

The grit range can start at 60 grit and go to 600 grit.

What does sterate mean?

Sterate is a top coat on abrasives to help prevent clogging, loading, and heat.

Can you get discs with holes in it?

Discs are available with the standard 5 and 8 hole patterns. There are more options available by special request.

What are the common backings on discs?

Discs can have paper, cloth, and film backings.

What material is most common with discs?

Aluminum oxide is the most common material associated with discs.

Is ceramic available in a disc form?

Our PREDATOR Ceramic Hybrid is available in disc form.