Mopar Muscle Cars & the Abrasives Industry

classic mopar car with mild steel
A Mopar muscle car is any high-performance vehicle built by a brand that belonged to the Chrysler Corporation in the past and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in modern times. Mopar is the original manufacturer and supplier of parts for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram – making them American-made vehicles. A lot of the classic Mopar cars you see today have been refurbished from the ground-up, and many will use them as ‘project cars’ to learn more about the metalworking process to learn how to properly restore these treasured vehicles. The classic Mopar was made originally with mild steel versus the aluminum you see today on modern cars – which makes PREDATOR a force to be reckoned with in this industry.

ARC Abrasives is passionate about delivering quality and high performance throughout the United States. When Mark Worman from Graveyard Carz reached out about our PREDATOR line, we took this opportunity to show that our proprietary product has a reputation for its aggressive stock removal, blending, and deburring on mild steel applications. American metalworking is constantly growing, and what better way to showcase our products with an American company, creating American muscle cars.

With the right metal fabrication tools and techniques, you can build and recreate classic car body panels from scratch. If there’s one problem most classic Mopars share, it’s damaged bodywork. Classic cars’ paintwork and metal frame tends to develop rust spots over time. And often, you can’t restore body panels with just sheets of metal. You may have to roll up your sleeves to hammer out dents, rebuild panels, and even take existing framing from other damaged cars.



About Graveyard Carz

graveyard carz using predator ceramic in a mopar restoration

Graveyard Carz is an automotive reality show focused on restoring Mopar Muscle Cars. Not only are the cars wrecked, they are beyond repair. To fix a Graveyard Car, it can’t just be restored, it has to be resurrected. We recently visited the Graveyard Carz shop in beautiful Springfield, Oregon to learn how PREDATOR is constantly impacting their process with enhanced cut ratios and long product life. Check out the video and learn how PREDATOR can offer solutions to impact YOUR bottom line. Be sure to check out Graveyard Carz on MOTORTREND and other streaming services!

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