Baked into various products, Performance Coating is a specialized additive developed by ARC that enhances product life and performance by 3-to-1.

Performance coating offers total coverage of the abrasive surface, baked deep into the grain structure. This delivers major heat reduction during the application. This reduction contributes to reduced loading, increased life, and an improved cut. The additive is organic, leaving no contamination on the work surface.

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The Performance Cut You Need

Frustrated by poor abrasive performance, metal fabricators wanted an aggressive disc for soft metal fabrication. Our product enhancement meets the needs of all Soft Metal Fabricators by retaining more grains and reducing loading, ultimately enhancing cut and increasing life but able to withstand aggressive applications in soft metal fabrication.

Our engineered coating increases performance over uncoated material, and works best on aluminum. The coating is often baked into Resin Fiber Discs, Quick-Lok/PSA Discs, most Belts, and Cut Off Wheels.

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