Success Stories: PREDATOR AMBUSH Ceramic Belts & Aerospace

predator ambush ceramic belts
ARC Abrasives teamed up with a leading aerospace manufacturer to test the effectiveness of PREDATOR AMBUSH belts to their current ceramic material used by operators. Our ceramic belts were tested on titanium bar stocks. To learn more, download the FABShop Magazine Direct Article and read about how ARC helped increase production and efficiency to further impact their bottom line.

Challenges & Application

The primary focus was to compare the performance of our PREDATOR AMBUSH belts to the current belts being used. Ceramic is primarily used in aerospace applications because of the high density and self-sharpening grains can remove the impurities and leave a nicer finish in the end. For this application, the bar stocks must be cleaned up with abrasives to remove said impurities that were left behind from the forging process.



After going through the rigorous testing, the operators noted that the 50 grit AMBUSH material was very competitive against their current product. After trying a finer 80 grit, the cut rate and finish exceeded the competitive material – proving more that PREDATOR as a brand will continue to impact the metalworking industry.

For more information on the article, you can also visit FABShop Direct’s September Issue.


PREDATOR AMBUSH Belts resist wear and edge deterioration with its fractured-grain structure. This lowers operational costs by cutting faster than traditional belts. To request a sample or learn more information, head to and adapt, evolve, and maximize your performance.

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