Melissa Brashears, Customer Service Rep
Meet Melissa Brashears. Melissa has maintained a 13 year career in Customer Service at ARC. She is an important liaison between customers and the outside sales team by managing specific territories, generating quotes and order entries, providing customer follow ups, and maintaining backlogs.
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Employee Spotlight: Jason HageNMAIER and Brian Clem

jason hageymeyer employee spotlight
Jason Hagenmaier, Head Slitter
Meet Jason Hagenmaier. Jason has advanced in his 14 year career at ARC from helping with the laser and working in flap discs to Head Slitter in the belt department. Most of his experience lies in the belt department with pressing, cutting, packing, and slitting.
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Employee Spotlight: Randie Gray and Lona Elliott

randie gray employee spotlight
Randie Gray, Accounts Receivable
Meet Randie Gray. Randie began her career at ARC rolling cartridge rolls 28 years ago. With her many talents, she has flourished from supervisor, to shipping manager, to customer service, and now works in accounts receivable.
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Employee Spotlight: Susan Wheelock and Phillip Jones

Susan Wheelock in the employee spotlight
Susan Wheelock, Lead Client Service Representative
Meet Susan Wheelock. She has been a key employee with ARC Abrasives for 39 years. Susan started her career on Cartridge Rolls and transitioned into her current position of Lead Client Service Representative.

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Employee Spot Light: Mark Dudeck and Pattie Asher

mark dudeck employee spotlight
Mark Dudeck, National Accounts Manager
Meet Mark Dudeck, for 8 ½ years Mark has been supporting ARC Abrasives in the sales field. He started his career as a sales representative and worked his way to his current position of National Accounts Manager. Mark’s main area of focus for ARC is large distributors, such as Fastenal.

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