Premium Ceramic

ARC Abrasives, Inc.® is proud to showcase our premium ceramic product line.

ARC ABRASIVES is changing the game by adding the latest in ceramic grain technology to their abrasive line. Our Premium Ceramic abrasives attack the metal working industry with enhanced cut ratios, longer life, and cooler operation.

ARC’s Premium Ceramic shreds conventional ceramic grains with grinding performance seeing increases of up to 35%. The proprietary ceramic grains bring out the peak in your abrasives solution by providing more aggressive stock removal, minimized smearing, and eliminating surface deformations caused by heat. Keep up with our social by heading to our Linkedin or Facebook for any exciting updates!

premium ceramic
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ARC Abrasives Company Building
ARC Abrasives Company Building
resin fiber discs

special coat for high-wear resistance
recommended for flat surfaces & outside corners
optimized for a self-sharpening effect

flap discs

Cleans, sands & polishes stainless and exotic alloys
strengthened fibers ensure high-quality finish
no clog from metal shavings

quick-lok discs

high performance against stainles steel
self sharpening grains make product last longer
less product change; saves time and cost


- Optimized for high-stock removal
- Saves cost when grinding alloyed steel
- Tear resistance alloys a more fluid workspace

cartridge rolls


- Last twice as long
- Provides balance and stability
- Conforms to stainless steel & exotic alloys

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Ceramic Technology and Peak Performance

The breakdown of abrasive grains are significant in an overall performance of a coated abrasive product. ARC’s new premium ceramic experience is created in a new way that results in a finer structure.

Such a unique grain provides the product with a longer life, and more aggressive with an improved self-sharpening effect. Significant performance advantages include a higher metal removal rate at faster cutting speeds with a lower grinding temperature and less friction. All of which correlate to shorter cycle times and less belt changes, resulting in reduced cost per part and an excellent cost/performance ratio.

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